What is HUDeez QuickTIPs?

For decades, the assisted-housing industry has used an 800-page handbook to follow the regulations and guidelines set by HUD, and while we at HUDeez enjoy the heft and feel of a traditional paper book, we couldn't help but feel that there was a faster, easier, and more progressive manner in which to receive the information.

Guided by Nancy Hart, President of National Resources for Housing, a respected and dedicated, nationwide trainer of HUD regulations, we put together a blueprint of web app features most beneficial to the industry and spent the next year building what we feel is the premiere resource for HUD regulations in assisted-housing history!

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We are now very pleased to offer a new HUDeez QuickTIPs product, a web app available to all online-capable devices with the following fantastic features:


QuickTips Feature

Throughout the Handbook, we have added original and/or helpful information in the manner of QuickTIPs that can be used to reference other sections of the Handbook, including:

Custom QuickTIP Features:

  • EIV QuickLINK References
  • Tenant Selection Plan QuickLINK References
  • Fair Housing QuickLINK References
  • NRH Sample Policies QuickLINK References
  • NRH Verification Forms QuickLINK References

HUD Resources & References:

  • NRH Handbook Index QuickLINK References
  • The Handbook Glossary QuickLINK References
  • The MOR QCG (Quality Control Monitoring Guide) QuickLINK References
  • HUD Listserv Notices QuickLINK References
  • HUD Handbook Q&A QuickLINK References (found HERE.)
  • HUD Forms QuickLINK References
    (including HUD-90011, HUD-90012, and HUD-92006)


Index Feature

Though the Index has been removed from the HUD-released Handbook, we have added our own back into the app!

Search Engine

Search Feature

A powerful search engine is employed in the app that can cross reference every one of the 4,600 + citations of the Handbook data. You need it, you'll find it!

Bookmarks & Notes

Bookmarks Feature

So that you can always get back to the important sections of the Handbook, we've added both a Notes section (for general Handbook information you want at your fingertips) and a Bookmarks section (to pinpoint precise citations within the Handbook). Remember all of those sticky notes plastering your hardcopy?


Citation-Forwarding Feature

One of the most important goals of this app is the dispersal of accurate data to the people who need it most, and so we built an internal Citation-Forwarding system that will allow users to send a handbook citation, paragraph, or entire chapter to their fellow staff.
Please note that NRH's intellectual property, such as Sample Policies, is not included in Citation-Forwarding.

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